Ok, the Primary Account has been created, now let's create the club member profiles
so the kid's can get started!

1) Click the 'Household Members' link in the Menu Bar (left side of the screen).

2) Click the Green '+ HOUSEHOLD MEMBER' button.

3) Enter the associated member information:

    1. First and Last Name
    2. User Role  (Club Member or Parent (if you want another parent to be able to view club member data)
    3. Birth Date (User the date picker tool)
      1. Note that to change the year on the data picker, just click the 'Month Year' in the top middle of the tool and you can then scroll by year.
    4. Add the club(s) the member will be associated with by clicking the green '+ ADD CLUB' button.  
      Note: that you can add multiple clubs, even if they are in different counties.
    5. You can even upload a photo of your member.  If you don't, we'll assign them a cool animal avatar automatically.  (It can be changed if you wish)

4) Once you're done, click the 'Save' button and you will return to your Household listing.  You should see the new household member in the list now.  

5. When logging in, you will now be able to choose this member profile to edit data specific to this member.